Sanral’s tolling plans set aside

CONGRATULATIONS to the City of Cape Town on its successful court bid to stop Sanral turning the N1 and the N2 into toll roads.

This was the reaction of Ms Janine Myburgh, President of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the judgement which set aside the approvals that would enable SANRAL to toll sections of the N1 and N2 freeways.

“Sanral’s public participation programme was a farce. Every reputable organisation in Cape Town opposed the whole idea of creating toll roads within municipal boundaries but the objections were swept aside.

“If the public had known at the time how much the tolls roads would cost and the economic damage they would inflict on the poorer communities there would have been protests in the streets,” Ms Myburgh said.

She pointed out that Sanral had never seriously considered the alternate idea of a fuel levy to fund the improvements.

“We saw this for ourselves when the head of Sanral, Mr Nazir Alli, addressed the Chamber. He said a fuel levy was impossible because Sanral would have to send people to every service station to find out how much petrol they had sold.

“If Sanral had made even the most simple inquiries they would have learned that the oil companies have up to date figures on fuel sales in every magisterial district in the country.”

She hoped that Sanral would accept the judgment and not waste even more money on court appeals.

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