Uber speaks at Youth Chamber launch

YOUNG people entering the business world need more support and encouragement, and the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry will provide this when it launches its new Youth Chamber on Saturday, October 17.

“Our economy needs young entrepreneurs with new ideas and we think we can help them find a place in the business world,” said Ms Janine Myburgh, President of the Chamber.

The launch takes place at noon at the Chamber offices (33 Martin Hammerschlag Way, Foreshore) and the main speaker will be Jonathon Ayache, operations and logistics manager at Uber Technologies.
“Uber has proved to be a hugely successful but disruptive business and I can’t think of a better way to get young people thinking about new ideas and new approaches to business,” Ms Myburgh said.

The event starts at 11:30 for 12:00 and finishes at 13:00 followed by pizza and refreshments. There is no charge but those who want to attend should register here or contact Linda Roopen on 021 402 4300 – linda@capechamber.co.za for more information.

Mr Sid Peimer, Executive Director of the Chamber, who will talk on the Chamber and business, pointed out that young people, most of them under 25, were responsible for the transformation of the modern world. “Think of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who revolutionised information technology. Google founders Larry Page and Serge Brin, were still at university when they developed the search engine that changed the way we access knowledge. Other examples are Elon Musk with Paypal and then rockets and electric cars. The most recent of the young billionaires was probably Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

“The picture is clear. Today’s youth have an enormous contribution to make and we must help them prepare to take their places in the business world,” he said.

Most of the new Junior Chamber members would become part of the corporate world rather than innovators, but it was important to understand how the world was changing and to network with other young people as well as experienced people from the business world.

“We believe they will be able to do this in the Junior Chamber where they will be exposed to speakers with some challenging ideas. School-leavers were often left with the impression that corporate life was dull and boring. The truth is that, although building up a business can be very exciting, being part of a successful business team can also be a very satisfying way to earn a living.”

The Chairman of the Youth Chamber is Langa Mahamba-Sithole and the Vice Chair is Carl Pophaim, who is also currently the Junior Mayor of Cape Town.

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