Service station forecourt workers could be the victims of their own strike

THE Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry says that service station forecourt workers could be the main victims of their own strike.
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that most service stations in modern countries no longer have petrol pump jockeys. The customers serve themselves just like supermarket shoppers do,” said Mr Michael Bagraim, chairman of the Chambers Human Resources Portfolio Committee.
He pointed out that many service stations in South Africa were already equipped with till points in forecourt shops where customers could pay after serving themselves. “The only reason forecourt attendants are still used is to retain jobs. It is not an efficient system and the price of petrol at the pump could be reduced if self-service was introduced.”
Going on strike for more pay in a job that was obsolete and no longer necessary was a risky business.
He said that, generally, motorists were prepared to accept the situation and sympathised with the service station attendants, but this could change quickly if the strikers became abusive or violent.


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