Cosatu mass protected strike

Cosatu should fight its battles with the Government in the Cabinet and at party gatherings and not on the streets of Cape Town.

We support freedom of expression but we don’t believe that a mass strike action is the best way to communicate their concerns about government policies. It is disruptive and damaging to the economy and to their own job prospects.

Most of the complaints listed in the Cosatu pamphlet were complaints about Government policy, but Cosatu was part of the Government and therefore shared responsibility for the policies it was protesting against.

If it was unable to influence the government in caucus it should leave the Alliance and stand for election under its own banner.

We agree with many of Cosatu’s criticism such as their opposition to E-tolls, concerns about Eskom and corruption but we don’t think that a national strike is the best way to make our views known.

The Chamber also has a problem with Cosatu’s protests against the Free Market Foundation which was going to court over problems with labour legislation but the way to deal with the Free Market Foundation is in court where matters are decided on merit and not according to how much noise can be made on the streets.

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