Chamber warns business to stay informed ahead of planned march

THE Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry advised businesses to be cautious and alert to possible dangers from Friday’s planned service delivery protest march.

“It is difficult to predict what will happen so the best plan is to be careful, listen to the radio and watch social media for early indications of trouble,” said Ms Janine Myburgh, President of the Chamber.

Information from both the City and police was that the protestors were determined to go ahead despite the fact that the march had been declared a prohibited event.

The first indication of possible trouble would be at the stations where protesters would board trains. This would give an idea of how developments were taking place and provide the first indications of the turn-out “so keep your car radio tuned to a local station and your phone by your side,” she advised.

Ms Myburgh said marches of this nature usually followed a pattern and most business owners in vulnerable areas knew what precautions to take. “Unfortunately we have some experience of dealing with these events and we have all learned to avoid trouble and for shop owners to run down their steel window shutters if the marchers look at all threatening.”

The Chamber advised members not to engage with the marchers in any way and to avoid all possible contact. “The march will probably be noisy but peaceful. Unfortunately there is always a danger that an incident or an accident could change the mood for the worse. Be alert, be cautious and be informed,” Ms Myburgh advised.

The Chamber will also send out alerts as an when they became available and businesses can keep an eye on the Chamber website for more

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