Cape Chamber responds to continued protest action

Illegal protest action is severely affecting the stability and growth of the Province and is condemned most strongly, says the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The violent and unmanageable protest action seen in Cape Town yesterday and again today should not be tolerated. Businesses are severely impacted by such action and protesters are prejudicing any chance for the creation of new jobs as well as putting existing jobs at serious risk.

“Protest action has gotten completely out of hand. Every time we turn on the radio or switch on a television we see evidence of its destruction,” comments Janine Myburgh, President of the Cape Chamber of Commerce.

As is the case in most protests of this nature, it was again the most vulnerable that were affected by the latest protests – the informal trader and small business owner.

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s violent protests in the CBD, the Cape Chamber has learned of the possibility of planned mass rolling action in Saldanha, beginning on Monday.

“While we sympathise with the need to make the very real social and economic concerns heard, authorities simply cannotallow this sort of engagement to continue unchecked.”

Myburgh, however says that hard questions need to be posed to the orchestrators and organisers of these protests. Most especially how they justify their action when it is directly impinging on the ability of this economy to support existing jobs.

“In a country where news of the deaths ofillegal miners often juxtaposes that of continued protests, it becomes abundantly clear that, while there are those who are intent on making daily trade impossible for the small and informal business owners, there are those who are literally dying to work beneath their feet. It is time the voice of the average citizen looking to earn a living was heard,” Myburgh concludes.

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