Business welcomes concessions by Metrorail

The Cape Chamber of Commerce welcomed the concessions made by Metrorail saying business was particularly happy with the revised monthly fares.

Metrorail announced earlier today that it would be implementing a 13 percent fare hike, rather than the 27 percent which had previously been proposed.

However, Metrorail also announced a 15 percent reduction in the price of the monthly ticket which it said would  help mitigate the fee increase.

Speaking with Cosatu and Metrorail at the Cape Chamber of Commerce, Gordon Metter, Deputy President of the Chamber, said the collaborative efforts between business and labour to encourage Metrorail to review its tariffs had paid off to the benefit of everyone in the Province.

 “We welcome the revised pricing structure and believe it to be of great benefit to workers and employers alike,” said Metter.

Metter, however, tempered the good news by reminding Metrorail that business was still deeply concerned about the reliability of the services and called on labour, business and Metrorail to join forces to find solutions.

“What this region desperately needs is an equitable rail service which is reliable and reasonably priced. This is going to require the collective efforts of all the parties here today,” Metter said.

“We would like to see this go one step further, and we are encouraging businesses to consider subsiding part of their workers monthly ticket fares. However this will only work if government comes to the party and offers tax incentives to the companies who were forward-thinking enough to do this.” Metter concluded.

For additional comment please contact Gordon Metter on 082 807 2287

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